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My name is Shanda Conner. I was born and raised in Southern California. I have lived in five countries other than my own. My career as a professional dancer took me around the world. I am married with two children. I love the beach, music, the sun, travelling, learning other cultures and traditions, street art, eating international foods, and road trips.

I have been helping people improving their English for four year, and I am very happy to see how the students got better self confidence in talking in English, both from the understanding and the speaking part.

Shanda è insegnante di inglese madrelingua, da diversi anni accompagna i suoi allievi nella conversazione attiva, per migliorare il loro approccio con la lingua parlata.



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Corso di English conversation Intermedio superiore - B2
Casa / 27 Febbraio 2023

Hello, Sorry, I keep trying to connect but it kicks me off every time. I am so sorry, this has never happened before. Over the next few weeks I will add a few minutes to each class to make up the time.


Corso di English conversation Intermedio superiore - B2
Casa / 10 Ottobre 2022

Hello class, I am very sorry. I made a mistake and ended the class early. I was thinking the class was 1 hour but its 90 minutes. I will make up the time and add 5 minutes to each class. See you next week. Shanda


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